Inspiration for the future generation

I feel the need to jump on the ‘Felix’ bandwagon and post an inspiring photo of an incredible feat.

Harking back to that day in 1969 when man took his first steps on the moon, three generations huddled around an iPad on Sunday to watch as Felix Baumgartner took the plunge to break records for his free fall from space.

As we watched with excitement and trepidation I realised just how important and inspiring it was when my youngest son shouted: “Go on Felix, you can do it!”

Whether he will remember the moment he watched a man launch himself from a balloon at 128,000 ft will remain to be seen, but the thought that crossed my mind was; what an amazing age my children are growing up in, where they can be or do whatever that like.

A few months ago they dreamt of being Olympians, this month they want to be astronauts and travel space. What will it be next month?!



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