Tales of the ‘heartbroken’…by a 3-year-old!

My youngest son said to me last week: “Mummy, you are heartbroken.”

Oh. Am I? I was confused, at first I thought how does he know this word and secondly, what would have given him the impression that I was ‘heartbroken’? For anyone who doesn’t know me (or my darling husband!), we are happily married…most of the time… I have certainly not given my three-year-old cause to believe that I am ‘heartbroken’.

So, I questioned him. “What do you mean Harry?”

He replied: “Well you love daddy and that means your heart has broken in two and you’ve given half to him.”

All was right again in the world. A clear miscommunication between mother and son. Through the eyes of a young boy only optimism and love, yet I’d jumped to the pessimistic.

I love that sometimes children can transport you, for the briefest of moments, into their own happy, joyful and rosy interpretation of the world.





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