One bowl baking

Last week I faced a challenge that most will understand. I had three bananas that had seen better days. I didn’t fancy the battle trying to ‘encourage’ my two boys to eat the browning fruit, as many mums will empathise. Now, I could have made a healthy fruit salad or a banana smoothie…but I decided to plump for the most popular…a banana cake.

There are a few reasons why I love banana cake;

1) Eating it (this is obvious surely?!)

2) Sense of satisfaction at using up the ‘old’ fruit

3) It’s EASY!

Honestly, this recipe for banana cake is so simple, as proved by me! It never fails and to top it off, it only requires one bowl and a baking tin. Resulting in a tasty treat for all the family and little washing up for mummy. I told you it was a winner!

So, it got me thinking. If the recipe really is THAT good, can it be transferred to other cake flavours? Yes. As it turns out the boys and I trialled it on a dull and grey Sunday and, hey presto, a delicious chocolate cake.

IMG_2100The all-important base recipe:

4oz/115g plain flour

4oz/115g caster sugar

2.5oz/75g unsalted butter

1tsp baking powder

2 eggs

Put ALL ingredients in one bowl and mix. I like to use an electric mixer, but a wooden spoon will do just as well.


Then…for the flavourings:

Banana: Add two or three bananas (I just peel and throw them in, I don’t even mash them!)

Chocolate: One heaped tablespoon of chocolate power mixed with a dash of boiling water

Lemon: Squeeze in the juice of one lemon (you can add lemon rind for authenticity too)

Vanilla: A generous splash of vanilla essence or one fresh vanilla pod


Line a baking tin, I use a loaf shaped one and grease it well. Then bake in the oven (180°c) for 30 to 40 minutes.







Hey presto, yummy cake and one bowl to lick!

L xx


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