Doing it for charity!

First up, sorry for the blog silence. Things have been busy, busy, busy…which is no bad thing. But, it has meant that to keep all the balls in the air, I’ve had to keep a little quiet here.

However, I have stolen five minutes to myself and I just wanted to share with you a little (well, actually quite big!) achievement. On Friday, together with two of my fabulous new workmates, I organised a cake sale in aid of Comic Relief.

On starting my new job I was told that the staff had a fondness for cake, and when I raised the idea of doing something for Comic Relief it was quickly evident that the way to my colleagues’ wallets was through their stomachs!

So, we set a date, emailed a few local businesses, sent out flyers and took to Twitter to ‘shout’ about the cake sale. And I wasn’t disappointed.


Not only did people donate an array of delicious, homemade cakes and biscuits, but everyone got into the ‘charitable spirit’ and dug deep to help change the lives of children in the UK and Africa.

In fact, one co-worker came up trumps when his girlfriend made an incredible Red Nose cake…which was too good to serve up and instead we auctioned to the highest bidder!


All together we raised over £300 for Comic Relief – hurrah! So, as I sat down last night to watch Lenny Henry and the Comic Relief gang, the tears flowed, but this year I had a lovely, proud feeling that we had a played a small part in helping.

But, Comic Relief doesn’t stop there…you can still donate through our online page.

L xx


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