Book review: The Snow Child

Based on a Russian fairy tale, The Snow Child is a heartwarming story about a childless couple who move to Alaska in the 1920s to try their hand at ‘homesteading’ (a lifestyle of self-sufficiency).

We’re introduced to Jack and Mabel at a hard time in their life, they barely laugh or talk and all the intimacy is gone from their relationship. We learn that they are without children, following a harrowing stillbirth ten years ago.

But one night, during the depths of the Alaskan winter, they create a snowman – complete with hat, mittens and the face of a little girl carved into it.

The next morning the snowman is gone and there is a trail of footprints leading into the forest. Then, suddenly, a small girl appears to Jack and Mabel. Neither of them know where she came from, but each go on their own journey with the girl.

The Snow Child keeps you reading, as you try to discover, along with Jack and Mabel, the story behind the young girl who lives in the wilderness.

The novel is beautifully written and heartbreakingly thought-provoking. It is a tale of survival and of finding happiness in the darkest of places.

L xx


One thought on “Book review: The Snow Child

  1. I’m feeling cold just remembering reading this. I read it during that long last cold winter…

    It was quite touching, the descriptions of way the way Jack and Mabel behaved towards each other compared with how they felt, how they worried about the other but weren’t able to say.

    I did find the premise that anyone would choose to go somewhere that cold for no good reason difficult to warm to (ha ha.) But yes, very beautiful book.

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