I can’t live without…

OK, so this title is a little dramatic. But, during my French escape (family holiday!) I have been so grateful for La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo.


Now, I know that hundreds of #beautybloggers have already raved about this moisturiser, but it is such a fab product that it really deserves all the praise.

A combination of sun, salty sea water and chlorine from the pool left my two boys with very dry and flaky skin on their faces. After trying a variety of creams I finally turned to my Effaclar Duo. Not only did it not sting them, like so many others, but it cleared up their dry skin in just 24 hours…bravo!

So, not only has it kept my skin in tip top condition while on holiday, but it also saved me and my boys from the nightly crying fit over stinging faces.



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