Silent Sunday: A boost for business in Budleigh

This weekend Budleigh Salterton welcomed visitors to its inaugural Food and Drink Festival, organised by Budleigh in Business.


Three days of cooking demonstrations, local food and drink produce, socialising and plenty of kids activities, the event was wonderfully organised and, I think, a real asset to the town.


I’m really inspired by the local towns around our corner of Devon fighting back and encouraging people to ‘Buy Local’.

Just one of the delicious offerings at the festival, a Caribben curry…


This year we’ve seen the inaugural Ottery St Mary Food and Drink Festival, and next year we can look forward to the first Honiton Sausage and Cider Festival in May.

A welcome boost to the local economy and a clear display of the fighting spirit I’ve come to love from Delightful Devon!

L xx


Right now I’m just loving…

…the Ready To Wear Spring/Summer 2014 collection by Georgia Hardinge.

I’m not normally one to do ‘fashion posts’ but I really wanted to share this with you. Earlier this year you may have seen Georgia’s collaboration with the River Island Design Forum.

Now, I know it feels like we are only just dipping our toe into the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections with the unusually mild weather recently, but the fashion world has already moved on!

Here are a few pieces I’m just dying to get my hands on…

Georgia_Hardinge _12c_592x888 Georgia_Hardinge _14c_592x888 Georgia_Hardinge _22c_592x888


You can see the full collection online at Vogue.

I hope you like!

L xx



I can’t live without…

OK, so this title is a little dramatic. But, during my French escape (family holiday!) I have been so grateful for La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo.


Now, I know that hundreds of #beautybloggers have already raved about this moisturiser, but it is such a fab product that it really deserves all the praise.

A combination of sun, salty sea water and chlorine from the pool left my two boys with very dry and flaky skin on their faces. After trying a variety of creams I finally turned to my Effaclar Duo. Not only did it not sting them, like so many others, but it cleared up their dry skin in just 24 hours…bravo!

So, not only has it kept my skin in tip top condition while on holiday, but it also saved me and my boys from the nightly crying fit over stinging faces.


Silent Sunday: A trip to A&E

Yesterday I spent a few hours (it actually felt like a lifetime!) in A&E with my big, brave boy.

One X-ray later and he’s fractured his radius at the elbow.


L xx

P.S Sorry for the recent blog silence, but I’ve been enjoying paradise in France with my family – I’ll update you all soon!

Book review: The Snow Child

Based on a Russian fairy tale, The Snow Child is a heartwarming story about a childless couple who move to Alaska in the 1920s to try their hand at ‘homesteading’ (a lifestyle of self-sufficiency).

We’re introduced to Jack and Mabel at a hard time in their life, they barely laugh or talk and all the intimacy is gone from their relationship. We learn that they are without children, following a harrowing stillbirth ten years ago.

But one night, during the depths of the Alaskan winter, they create a snowman – complete with hat, mittens and the face of a little girl carved into it.

The next morning the snowman is gone and there is a trail of footprints leading into the forest. Then, suddenly, a small girl appears to Jack and Mabel. Neither of them know where she came from, but each go on their own journey with the girl.

The Snow Child keeps you reading, as you try to discover, along with Jack and Mabel, the story behind the young girl who lives in the wilderness.

The novel is beautifully written and heartbreakingly thought-provoking. It is a tale of survival and of finding happiness in the darkest of places.

L xx