Silent Sunday: Deck the halls…

…With boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la!

Christmas has arrived and so has the excitement.



Hello 2013!

Usually, after a wonderful family and fun-filled season I am sad to see the back of Christmas in the house as I mourn the loss of the beautiful tree and all my decorations.

However, this year something quite the opposite has happened. I can put it down to only one thing…the weather!

I feel like an animal who has hibernated through winter and woken up in the first throes of  spring…is this the case or is just really THAT mild?! Instead of curling up in front of log fires, eating comfort food, wrapping up in my (huge) collection of scarves and crossing my fingers in hope of waking up to snow…I find myself craving a ‘spring clean’ and in the mood to declutter.

It’s not right. Like my heating, I’m confused by the current state of the weather. I fear that, any minute now, the cold will pop up – just when I’m least expecting it. In fact, I may just dig the kids’ sledges out of the garage…just in case!

Happy new year, may it be filled with love and laughter.

L xx


A few of my favourite things!

The tree is up, the kids are turning into little monsters in front of our eyes and the house is ‘a-glow’ with fairy lights…Christmas has finally found us!

We spent Sunday decorating our house and choosing a tree (this takes me some time as I search for the ‘perfect’ shape). Sounds like bliss? It wasn’t. After a lovely trip to see the reindeer at Cotley Farm, we chose our tree (which is perfectly formed!) and headed home blaring Christmas tunes at the top of our lungs.

Once home, the erecting of the tree went smoothly (well done hubby), as did the lights (mainly due to MY organised packing away last January). The kids quickly pulled out every decoration, hung a few and promptly stopped.

“Why aren’t you helping,” I asked. “It’s boring,” came the reply. Oh. And that was that. They’d lost interest. If it wasn’t for the sheer fact that I am a self confessed control freak when it comes to decorating the tree I’d have forced them to carry on.

So, as they were not so interested I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite Christmas decorations.


L xx